Exercising As You Age: Benefits And Methods

A new study performed by Professor Debra Anderson of the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia, has provided insight into how effective exercising can be for health in older people, particularly women. The study was published in the international journal of midlife health and beyond, and shows that high intensity exercise can reduce risks […]

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Weight Loss Warnings – How Not To Lose Weight

Because we are all so obsessed with our weight, a huge market has appeared for products such as programs, supplements, patches and surgery to help people achieve their weight loss goals. However, many of these products are made by manufacturers who are only out to make a quick buck and don’t really off anything in […]

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How Much Weight Loss Is Too Much?

Everybody knows that in order to live a happy, healthy life, we need to be at the right weight. And we also all know that the majority of us fail at this abysmally. Considering that around 50% of the population is now obese, it is clear why there is such a drive towards helping people […]

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