A Review of Alpha Brain by Onnit Labs

Getting through the day can sometimes be a struggle, even if most of the work we do is behind a desk. This is because our minds are put through an endless barrage of environmental stresses throughout the day, bogging us and our cognitive abilities down. This is why the emergence of nootropic supplements and supplement stacks is so important as they have come to be recognized as improve various areas of the mind such as our cognitive function, intelligence, memory, motivation, attention and ability to focus.

Alpha Brain by Onnit LabsAlpha Brain by Onnit Labs is one of the more heavily hyped nootropic supplement stacks available in the market that you can buy at the moment. Other supplements of this nature only focus on one or two areas of cognition, or worse, only include trace amounts of a few effective nootropics. Alpha Brain goes beyond this by including a wider range of nootropics in higher amounts for greater effectiveness. But is Alpha Brain really all it’s hyped out to be? Find out in our review of Alpha Brain by Onnit Labs.

The Alpha Brain Ingredients

Alpha Brain contains 9 key nootropics in high enough amounts to be effective throughout the day. The most highlighted being Alpha GPC. Alpha GPC is a great source of choline, which boosts memory, improves your ability to learn, and improves your mood. It is also used to treat disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, liver disorders and bipolar disorders.

Another key nootropic is Huperzine A, which synthesizes well with Alpha GPC. It keeps acetylcholine from breaking down after it has formed from the choline produced by Alpha GPC. As a result, acetylcholine levels tend to be higher and are maintained throughout the day. It improves an individual’s learning ability, memory and even neurogenesis, which helps promote long-term mental health.

Then there’s Vinpocetine, which is synthesized from periwinkle and is known to improve blood-flow to the brain, memory, and even protects the brain cells from the effects of aging. It is typically used in Europe to treat age-related memory loss and is great in combination with Alpha GPC and Huperzine A. Other key ingredients include Bacopa, Pterostilbene, L-Tyrosine, Theanine, AC-11, Vitamin B6, Phosphatidylserine and Oat Straw.

Alpha Brain Ingredients

Recommended Dosage

It is recommended that you take one or two capsules in the morning or early afternoon for improved mental performance throughout the day. This can be increased to three capsules depending on your body size or tolerance. For an enhanced dream state that leads to lucid dreaming, you can take one or two capsules around four to six hours before sleeping for it to be effective. Keep in mind not to take more than four capsules within a 24 hour period as you might end up becoming over-sensitive to the effects of the supplements.

The Benefits of Taking Alpha Brain

Nootropic supplements are typically aimed at improving one cognitive function or another. What makes Alpha Brain one of the more hyped up supplement stacks of this nature is that it doesn’t just focus on one area of cognitive function, but a wide range of them. The amount per nootropic is also on par with other similar supplements that only contain one or two of them, making them an all in one solution.

A key benefit of taking Alpha Brain is that it boosts your neurotransmitters. With over 10 million neurons and 60 trillion synaptic connections comprising the brain, the highly coordinated process of communication between these cells depends on neurotransmitters and is greatly impacted by their adequate synthesis and release. Alpha Brain promotes neurotransmitter production to improve things such as attention span, focus, mood and awareness.

Another benefit is that Alpha Brain reduces the impact of environmental stress and the physiological response that it elicits. The buffering effect results in a calming effect, even when dealing with something stressful. This results in an even clearer and focused mind.

Finally, taking Alpha Brain can also enhance your dream state, allowing you to experience lucid dreams where you are more aware. The brain’s cognitive function during sleep isn’t limited to sensory input, greatly increasing its potential for creativity and problem solving. Since we are more aware during lucid dreaming, this increased potential can see itself being used for problem solving and artistic inspiration.

What I Don’t Like About Alpha Brain

To be honest, the only thing I don’t like about Alpha Brain is its price. At $34.95 for a bottle of 30 capsules, that’s more than a dollar per capsule. Sure, it might be one of the most potent nootropics out there, but the price will still have an impact on a consumers purchase decision.

It doesn’t help that you’re also likely to take more than just one capsule in a day. In fact, most people will want to take at least two a day, and you can go as many as four if you really want to maximize the benefits. Sure, the benefits are worth it, and expensive is in the eye of the beholder, but things can quickly get expensive for some.

Buy Alpha BrainPricing

As mentioned, Alpha Brain is available in a 30-capsule bottle for $34.95, but you can also get it in a Two Smart Pack for $59.41 for two 30-capsule bottles. It’s also available in a 90-capsule jar for $79.95, as well as a 4-capsule Alpha Brain Go Pack for $4.95.

Summary And Recommendations

Alpha Brain is undeniably one of the best nootropics out there. It has a potent mix of cutting edge and historically proven ingredients that all target one aspect of improving your cognitive ability or another. The best part is that some of them even work best when synthesized together, which is great because there is no need to look for multiple nootropic supplements when you can just go with a single Alpha Brain supplement stack. There is few such supplement stacks that can even come close to the sheer amount of nootropics you can get from Alpha Brain.

If you’re taking it for the first time, you’ll want to adjust your dosage as you go. Start out with a single capsule in the morning and see how it affects your mental focus and clarity. If you feel that it’s not having that much of an effect, start taking two. You’ll also want to take one or two before you sleep if you want to experience the benefits of an enhanced dream state as well. Just make sure you don’t exceed a total of four capsules a day.

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