Alternative Health – Dr. Robert Cassar at the Health Freedom Expo (part 1)

This is part 1 of 3 where Dr. Robert Cassar is speaking at the Health Freedom Expo in 2011. Some amazing information is in this video… I highly recommend that you watch it.

Robert: What we are going to, because we don’t have that much time, I usually talk 3, 4, or 5 hours at a time to really explain people terrain modification; very important. Does anybody really understand what terrain modification is? Your body is terrain, and you are going to modify it. Have you ever heard of that before? How many people have heard of terrain modification? Just two. Excuse me. How many people haven’t? You notice that there’s way more people. This is hard, like I said, to be able to explain very quickly. The one PowerPoint I have here, we’ve done this many different ways. It’s on the internet, on

We talk about parasites, toxicology, aerobic bacteria, anaerobic bacteria, electromagnetic fields, the cosmos, a variety of different departments that really are terrain modifying you, if you don’t understand that they’re there.

The first thing we are going to talk about, once we get that up, if we can, if not, we’ll shoot from the hip; we’ll go ahead do what we need to do. Really, what we are trying to do is we are trying to stimulate you to understand, if you want to get healthy . . . I really have been doing this for a long time, you can’t just put your toe in the water to be able to really think that you’re going to get healthy, unless you really make…

If you know that your lifestyle is sub-optimal, you’re going to have to make the change. You are going to have to make the leap. Tank, load the jump program. The standard American diet is a very big diet on the planet. Let’s just talk about in the United States. 80% of the United States eats the standard American diet. If it’s good, if it tastes good, if it’s the right price, you will buy it. What we are doing is sharing with people, this is called terrain modification. At the bottom of this pyramid, you can see how this pyramid is 80% of all the disease, it’s 80% of all the food; it’s 80% of everything. Do you know that 80% of the population is 15 pounds plus overweight or toxic? Remember, body fat is a creature. It lives in pollution. [inaudible: 02:14] mold and fungus, that realistically is, again, another idea, another notion. Once you find out that everything basically is living within a terrain, all you have to do is not kill anything.

There will be a majority of the people in here… remember most people don’t die nowadays of called old age. They die of a suffering sickness, don’t they? Remember, 75,000 diabetics. No, it’s 75 million diabetics in this country. There’s 30 million people that are on Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, called depression. To me, depression is toxicity, it’s de-mineralization. It’s your body is a machine, and if it doesn’t have the correct elements inside, it can’t produce the chemical’s neuro-reactions that it takes to be able to make you so you could have a happy sojourn.

Once we find out that there’s these different levels, all you are going to do is see where do you fit in, in this level. How many people here still eat flesh, meat? There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just basically, once you terrain modify yourself to these vibrations, you can’t have it anymore. Not because you don’t want it anymore, it’s because if you eat it, you’ll get sick. It’s a dense food. A lot of the density of the foods, remember, we are trying to become a liquitarian.

I put together the other day, you can look at it on the internet, it’s called the 6 liquids of vitality. We want to get clean. We are liquitarians here, liquitarians. Ever heard of that one? We are not vegetarians, we are liquitarians. Even if you are eating meat, you chew the food up until you swallow only the saliva. You don’t follow anything down the throat. If you ever heard of the book of the [inaudible: 03:58], you’ll see that this is true. Very simple, you swallow the saliva. There’s lots of different, they’re called workshops that we are going to be doing here, coming up. We have a 2-day workshop at my house, on April 30th and May 1st. We are going over about 6 to 7 different types of workshop ideas. Remember, this is a self-mastery system and it doesn’t cost money to get healthy. All you have to do is change your money over this way a little bit that you’re already spending it at certain stores right now. What you are doing is an exchange program. Remember, everything we have at the club [inaudible: 04:29], everyone here has a free membership too. Our club is basically a 30 to 70% off market retail heirloom food club. Not only foods, but it’s also essential products that you need to be able to actually play in this world of toxicity.

How many people here buy bottled water every month? Let’s do it the other way around; how many people make their own water here?

That’s pretty incredible, because most people, you don’t usually get one hand that comes up in an average audience. This isn’t an average audience; people are coming here because they want to see some different ideas. One of the big reasons is that if you want to get healthy, remember liquids are the most important thing you can do. Food is secondary; it’s liquids. The number one disease on the planet is dehydration, number one.

Dehydration leads to acidification, acidification leads to demineralization, demineralization leads to sickness.

Demineralization means that your body has certain chemicals, certain types of reactions, and they need certain minerals in this machine, like your car needs certain things to run it too.

Your electrical system in your computer needs just enough electricity, not too much, not too less, just enough.

Terrain modification, remember, is very basic. Don’t get confused about this. Health is easy. It’s not what you think. Do you really think when you get sick . . . remember, most of the people in this room, in some point in time, are going to have what’s called an incurable disease or a slow suffering disease.

Myself, being a toxicologist, a parasitologist, a person’ that’s been playing in the homeopathy field and/or the natural world, sees that chemicals, synthetics, hormones, antibiotics, and a list of chemicals basically clog our bodies up. When we really see our bodies having body fat, all you have to see is think that your body is plugged; it’s dehydrated, it’s full of acid, it’s got creatures, yeast, mold, and fungus living in this thing called the lymphatic system. You ever heard of the lymphatic system? How many times more fluid does the lymphatic system have than the blood system? The blood system has about 5 liters.

Male 1: I know this already. Do you want me to answer it?

Robert: Sure.

Male 1: About 2 Ωtimes.

Robert: I went through all this school to try to see . . . remember, when you go to school, medical school, whatever school you go to, if you think those doctors know what they’re talking about, they don’t. Guidance physiology, no matter what school you go to, is about this thick. If you take out all the hyper-theoretical ideas, you get a book about this big. When I was in my fourth trimester of school, a professor comes up says, “Everything you learned on the kidney last semester, it’s changed. It’s a new theory.” Once you find out that this machine, you couldn’t fix it if you wanted to. Remember, don’t be arrogant. There are no called healers here. If you are, show me that you’ve healed yourself, so I can see, or we can see that it is true. The idea is that your body is a machine and it fixes itself because it’s like an implosional machine; it’s self-organizing. You ever heard of this before? Everything in nature runs on implosion; hurricanes, tornadoes, Victor Shawberger. You ever heard of him? He studied and shared with people in the world. These are the real heroes. Victor Shawberger, Wilhelm Reich, Townsend Brown, Roy Alrive, Nikola Tesla; these are the heroes, not the ones that you think: Pac Bell, Edison, these are the business, Stanley Morgan. We are not making fun of it, there’s just been a lot of change that has happened here recently that really, a lot of people are waking up to be able to see that there’s a better system than what we are doing today.

If people are here to optimize their health and wellness, you must know one thing: You have to increase your fluid levels. I’m not talking about drinking tap water. If you are taking a shower without a shower de-chlorinator, you are drinking tap water, because, “I don’t drink tap water. I buy my bottled water.’ Most bottled water, remember, is just water that is $1.50 a gallon or so for it, when you can make it yourself for pennies a day, 100 gallons a day. We have an RO system. Basically what it does, an RO, remember reverse osmosis water is toxic poisonous to the body, so is distilled water. It’s demineralized, it has no minerals, zero minerals. What do we have to do? We have to re-mineralize the water structure it. If not, then we can’t absorb it, because we are not supposed to drink dead water. It’s like eating the food that we get at a lot of the stores. Do you know that the stores only have 3 minerals in the food? When you go to these markets, they say, “conventionally grown.” That sounds cool. Conventionally means anything goes. Let’s see. Does anybody know, I know you know so be quiet. Does anybody know the three minerals that are in all your foods? We don’t have to name the stores, because all you have to do is go to the store. Nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous. NPK. 3 minerals. How many minerals are there in the system in the salt? There’s over 80- plus minerals. Why would we eat foods when we are trying to be mineralized beings?

3 minerals. Of course the plants look beautiful, but do they have any nutrition in them? Secondarily, not only are they made with NPK, that’s 3 minerals, but now there’s a secondary.

Remember, this gets confusing, but it’s very simple. You are just going to go back to nature, is really what you are going to do. You’re going to get away from all the hybridized foods, you’re going to get away from the GMO foods. If you think it’s good for you, look at the studies. I’m not telling you what it is because there is a very sensitive issue here. 70% of the foods in your market, remember, are GMO. That means they are sterile. How do we become sterile? Let’s take the gonads out of everybody here. Now we are all GMO’d.

You ever heard the term, “You are what you eat”? What happens if you eat GMO sterile foods? You are what you eat, so you’re going to become sterile. We are not talking about sexual activity, that’s a secondary thing. It’s like wealth; wealth isn’t money, it’s information. A side effect of wealth is money. The idea is what happens when you eat GMO? You lose your power. To me, remember I’m only giving you my opinion as a student. People say, “Doctor such and such, this that.” I’m only a student, just like you. We are all learning, sharing, we’re are teaching each other. We’re investigating because you don’t believe anybody, if you do, you are just really being simple. Don’t believe me.

Let’s see reasonable and logical movements up here, to be able to say, “Yes. I get it.”

GMO; look it up, and you will see. There’s a lot of things, this is what I talk about, is the cosmos. The cosmos have a lot to do with what’s happening today what we have to do as a group of beings, new beings that are emerging from the old system that we see. The old system that we see is not terrible, it’s basically dissolving. Why? Because we are waking up. Why are we waking up?

Because the sun is waking us up. Do you see how big the sun is?

This is the Earth right here, this is the sun. The sun is 860,000 miles wide, about 1 million miles wide. Our Earth is only 8,800 miles wide. The sun is going through the cycle called Solar Cycle 24. Anybody heard of that one? How many people have not heard of Solar Cycle 24? How many people have heard of this guy named Cristos, or Christ, that’s going to come back? Have you heard this? How about the sun? It’s not Christ, but the sun is called Cristos. The sun goes around the galaxy. It goes in different parts that actually, it lights up to full breath. The return of Cristos, to me, cosmically, is when the sun comes back to full breath. The 12 disciples, the 12 planets, get their glowing heads, as they are right now. If you look at Jupiter in the evening, look at Mars, look at Saturn. This is, like I said, a 5 hour PowerPoint. We go through Jupiter, we go through Mars, and we go through all these different . . . Actually, why don’t you put it on the big screen? That’s OK right there.

Male 2: It’s not letting me.

Robert: OK. That’s OK, because I can see what’s going on. This would be very important for people to see, because why would you want to change yourself right now? Do you notice how many people right now are miserable unhappy? It’s not much internally, it’s because they see outside is really not the way it should be run.

We all know that there’s a better way. We all know there is free energy. We all know that there’s certain types of things that regenerate us. You hear about all this longevity, you hear about all this it’s going to cost you to get better. How about it costs you nothing to get better? All you have to do is realize you have to go back to nature. Pure, natural, un-genetically modified, un-heirloomed. Do you know what heirloom means?Excuse me, not heirloom.

Female: 100 years.

Robert: Yes. Let’s start over just one little spot, because there’s a very good question here to be able to pull apart. What’s the difference between GMO, genetically modified organism, hybridized, and heirloom? I know you know, too. GMO, remember, is a sterile seed. It can’t reproduce itself. It’s like a seedless watermelon or a seedless grape. The last thing you want to do is eat any of these things, because they are incomplete.

Aren’t we trying to get more complete? Why would we eat anything that’s incomplete? The idea is we all need to wake up here. This is the time to wake up. You only wake up when you actually are really in a stance to wake up. Are you getting prodded right now? Look at Japanese earthquakes, sickness off the maps, cancer is what? To me, again, it’s my opinion, is a parasite.


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