Reviewing the BioTrust BCAA Matrix: A Journey to Weight Loss and Leaner Muscles

BioTrust BCAA Matrix is a weight loss supplement that uses Branch Chain Amino Acids to help the body preserve muscle mass during rapid weight loss. This weight loss dietary supplement was developed by BioTrust and forms part of its line of fitness and health options using all natural ingredients.

The product can only be purchased from the BioTrust website so I decided to see and review what the BCAA Matrix had to offer in terms of weight loss efficiency.

BioTrust BCAA Matrix Page

Product Claims

When you first visit the BioTrust BCAA Matrix website, what you will immediately notice is that it is brief and uncluttered. It has a picture of the product and a video describing it, with the banner about the product’s 100% money back guarantee and the discounted price quite prominent. Apart from the video, there is a full description of the product as well as its guarantees. There is also a link to the ingredients which, when you click on it, will take you to an image of the back label in the product’s container. At first I thought I would rather they explain each and every ingredient used in the product as well as their potential side effects and contraindications. However, I figured the text on the homepage would provide the information I sought. Ordering was easy with a checkout system, and so I placed an order for one bottle.


The industry is full to the brim with weight loss dietary supplements using BCAA as the main ingredient. These types of supplements are particularly popular among weightlifters, bodybuilders, and overweight individuals who take on a strenuous muscle-building workout regimen. BCAA is helpful in maintaining muscle mass while a person is on a calorie-cutting diet and exercise regimen. It helps in accelerating the rate of protein synthesis in the body while reducing protein breakdown at the same time. Cutting down on calories can lead to muscle loss and development of soft and unsightly flabs, so the body needs to counter this effect. If all BCAA supplements have this effect on the body, how is BioTrust’s version of a BCAA-based weight loss supplement different?

BioTrust BCAA Matrix LabelI dug a little deeper and found out that BioTrust’s BCAA has increased concentrations of the amino acid Leucine which apparently is the most potent of the three amino acids making up BCAA – the other two are Isoleucine and Valine. It appears that Leucine is the most effective of the three amino acids in preserving muscle mass, so the high concentration of this particular amino acid in BioTrust BCAA Matrix is what sets it apart from competitors.

The Package

When I got my BCAA weight loss supplement from BioTrust, I immediately checked the literature and the label for dosage and other safety precautions. The recommended dosage is eight veggie caps a day – four before my daily workout and four before bedtime. I felt that was a little too much as other supplements would only have you take 1 or 2 every meal. The bottle contains 120 veggie caps which are good for about 15 days. While there are no known side effects to supplementing with the BioTrust BCAA Matrix, the literature still recommended that people check with their doctors before getting started on the supplement. It also recommended that takers reduce their calorie count and engage in weight training or any muscle building workout to get the most out of the product.

BioTrust BCAA Matrix Supplement PackageThe Outcome

After consuming one bottle I have to say that I did see changes in my body, but then it could as easily be because I added lifting and straining to my usual cardio-only workout. After about 15 days though, I felt some firmness in my upper arms and shoulders. I also noticed that I was stronger and more able to move around, and I wasn’t feeling any breathlessness after a long run. With minimal changes in my diet and exercise plan I was pleased with the results of taking BCAA. I wonder how much more effective this supplement would be if taken continuously by people who follow a strict low-calorie and muscle building workout.

Product Claims vs. Reality

I have searched high and low for information on the side effects of BCAA as a muscle preserving dietary supplement and found nothing. Most of the reviews and articles I read sang praises about the anti-catabolic effects of BCAA. I did feel slight disruptions in my bowel movement and an increase in my urination, but that’s about it. Still, I would like to learn more about these amino acids and what they do for the body. I would like to hear what other users have to say or maybe read more about studies done on this particular product and I came up empty-handed. I wish the company would publish more clinical studies and not just general research on BCAA. In my humble opinion, they should also come up with a consumer forum where users of the BioTrust BCAA Matrix can compare notes and share their experiences.

bcaa matrix

BioTrust however has been forthcoming with the formulation of their version of the muscle-preserving BCAA supplement. They have increased the concentration of the amino acid Leucine in their product and have improved delivery of these amino acids to the body by using three systems when most other brands would only use one or two at the most. The typical amino acids ratio used in other BCAA brands is 2:1:1 for Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. In BioTrust BCAA Matrix, the ratio is 4:1:1. This double dose of Leucine is more effective in maintaining muscle mass over the other two amino acids. Also, research has shown that the higher levels of Leucine help melt down the flabby tissues in the belly. Leucine is also more expensive than Isoleucine and Valine so it is not commonly used in other supplement and definitely not in double doses if ever.


BioTrust in my opinion has a fair pricing scheme starting at $49 per 120-veggie cap bottle and it goes down significantly for bulk orders. There is a 100% money-back guarantee for unsatisfied consumers and it runs for 12 months. So if you plan to commit to a serious weight loss plan you may want to supplement with BioTrust’s BCAA to ensure you do not lose muscle mass when your weight drops rapidly.

1 Year Money-Back Guarantee

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