Reviewing BioTrust AbsorbMax: Digestive Supplement for Safe Weight Loss

AbsorbMax is the newest addition to BioTrust’s line of nutritional supplements. It promises to help eliminate food intolerance and other digestive issues so users can lose weight in as safe a manner as possible.

BioTrust AbsorbMax Landing PageThe people behind BioTrust are by no means rookies in the health and fitness industry, and when I heard about AbsorbMax I immediately decided to see what it had to offer to the public. Here I will discuss the features of BioTrust’s new offering and the benefits that users can take advantage of while using it.

What AbsorbMax is All About

BioTrust AbsorbMax contains advanced digestive enzymes which have been formulated to help eliminate food intolerance and increase nutrient absorption during the digestive process. If you’re like most people, you probably have a hard time digesting some types of food over others. The sad thing is that even though you are on a strict diet, there is no guarantee of nutrient absorption as soon as the food is processed by the stomach. A large percentage of the nutrients present in the food we eat become stuck in the digestive level and are not sent to the bloodstream to feed muscles and cells.

BioTrust AbsorbMax Supplement FactsAbsorbMax’s formulation improves this process by using ingredients which are known to promote better digestion and nutrient absorption. There are 3 main benefits that users can take advantage of when using AbsorbMax, the first one of which is optimal nutrient digestion, breakdown, and absorption. The level of stress experienced by everyone these days are oftentimes sky-high, and with poor eating habits or an unbalanced diet the digestive enzymes in the stomach may not work as properly as they should, therefore leaving a person with food intolerance and digestive issues. By supplementing with AbsorbMax, the enzymes which are already present in the stomach are given the needed boost to function and digest food optimally.

Another benefit offered by AbsorbMax is improved immunity and digestive health. Various bodily processes and functions are dependent on the quality of the nutrients being absorbed into the bloodstream, and all this begins with the digestive process. Because of the mixture of enzymes present in AbsorbMax that promote optimal absorption in the stomach, users can be assured of the right amount and quality of nutrients which in turn increases the immune levels in the body. This then allows cells to better fight viruses and bacteria that can cause health issues.

Lastly, AbsorbMax helps prevent food intolerance among users, allowing them to enjoy the kinds of food they want while being able to properly utilize the nutrients for enhanced fat loss. For most people, too much fat, carbohydrates, or proteins in the food they eat can cause several digestive problems and uncontrolled weight gain. BioTrust AbsorbMax aims to address all these as long as a user follows the recommended dosage of the supplement.

Natural Support Ingredients in AbsorbMax

Short Video Explaining AbsorbMaxAside from the enzymes and ingredients used in Absorbmax, BioTrust also utilizes 3 support ingredients that aid in the digestive process and allow users to fully benefit from the product. First is cayenne pepper which contains capsaicin. Capsaicin is known to increase efficiency of blood flow in the intestines and stomach, allowing for better nutrient absorption throughout the muscles and cells of the body. According to research, this natural extract has also been found to help in decreasing the amount of nutrients stored in the abdominal area, thereby reducing belly fat and increasing nutrient delivery to other parts of the body instead.

Coral trace minerals on the other hand are co-factors that react with the enzymes for maximum effect. These types of minerals, unlike those present in most supplements, are all-natural. This means users can benefit from a complete spectrum of the trace minerals which in turn can cleanse the digestive system of any toxins and promote better blood circulation.

The third support ingredient present in AbsorbMax is ginger. Being known for its uses in alternative medicine, ginger also soothes the intestinal tract to prevent irritation and inflammation. Food intolerance can cause the stomach and intestines to become inflamed and irritated especially if there are ingredients in the food that can trigger the onset of stomach and digestive issues.

Using AbsorbMax

One bottle of AbsorbMax is good for 30 days, with a person taking one veggie capsule before each meal – breakfast, lunch, dinner. I ordered the product and have been using it since, and frankly speaking it has indeed provided me with better digestion. I used to carefully watch what I ate because I can never have too much of carbs on my diet. Since I’ve started using AbsorbMax, I don’t have to worry about eating carbohydrate-rich food every time.

I must stress however that this does not give users the license to just eat as much as possible without thinking about your health. Moderation is always recommended, and it would be best to see your doctor as well before deciding to try AbsorbMax.

Pricing and Recommendation

absorbmax pricing

A month’s supply of AbsorbMax goes for $49 a bottle, while the 3-bottle package costs $132 and you save 10%. The 6-bottle package on the other hand comes with a 20% discount and will set you back $234. The only gripe about this is that you have to purchase the supplement straight from the BioTrust website as it is not offered anywhere else. Other than that, I can say that the price is quite reasonable considering the value that users can get. Plus, there’s a full year guarantee on AbsorbMax so one can try it risk free.

All in all, I recommend Absorbmax to those who want to have improved eating and digestive processes. Whether you are intolerant to certain types of food or just want to lose weight by helping your body absorb the right nutrients, this product is a must-try. A full year’s money back guarantee also sweetens the deal as you can easily ask for a refund if you’re not satisfied with the results.

AbsorbMax One Year Money Back Guarantee

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