A Review of My Blood Pressure Fix

My Blood Pressure Fix is a new and unique program that allows people to immediately improve their blood pressure. This means their heart health will be improved right away, as well as their general well-being as a whole. My Blood Pressure Fix is essentially an instruction manual that is said to contain the secrets everybody needs to know in order to lower their blood pressure in a safe and natural way. It comes with a grocery list, which makes it possible for people to follow the program without having to worry about where to shop and what to shop for.

If you have high blood pressure, you know how many different types of medication you have to take in order to keep it at a safe level, so could it really be true that there is a completely natural way of doing this? In this review, we will see what the program has to offer and whether there is any truth in the claim.

WarningHigh Blood Pressure Treatment – the Facts

If you have high blood pressure, your doctor has probably advised you to make a number of lifestyle changes, as well as prescribe you medication. Lifestyle changes are indeed necessary, but what about all these pharmaceutical products? Each tablet you take will have a range of side effects, and you will need to take more medication to combat those in a never-ending cycle of popping pills. However, by following My Blood Pressure Fix, you may just be able to drop the medication for good, bringing your blood pressure down to its healthy levels in a natural way.

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healthy heartHow My High Blood Pressure Fix Works

There are 8 basic principles with My High Blood Pressure Fix. These are:

  1. Engage in regular physical exercise. Exercising for at least 30 minutes a day drops systolic blood pressure by as much as five points. Plus, it contributes to an overall healthier lifestyle.
  2. Consume more potassium. Potassium helps to stop salt from wreaking havoc in our bodies. Some examples of food high in potassium includes bananas, potatoes with their skin on and oranges.
  3. Limit the amount of salt you consume. Most people who do have high blood pressure consume excessive amounts of salt. Salt intake should be reduced dramatically and they should stay away from processed foods.
  4. Stop smoking. When you smoke a cigarette, your blood pressure rises immediately. By leaving the cigarettes (and not consuming any alcohol), blood pressure will no longer experience spikes.
  5. Lose weight. Being overweight is one of the main causes of high blood pressure. Not just that, people who are overweight often have low self-esteem, which causes stress. By maintaining a healthy weight, people can start to feel better about themselves again. Besides this, it makes it easier to enjoy a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise.
  6. Lower alcohol consumption. Alcohol negatively affects the body overall and blood pressure in particular. Women should have no more than one drink daily, two for men.
  7. Deal better with stress. According to My Blood Pressure Fix, dealing with stress in a healthy manner is vital to lower blood pressure. Consider breathing exercises and yoga for instance. There are various stress management techniques and people should try to work out which one works best for them.
  8. Lower caffeine intake. Consuming too much caffeine can lead to high blood pressure. It is important to find out whether or not caffeine affects you, which can be known by measuring your blood pressure before and after consuming a caffeinated drink. Switch to decaf if you find your blood pressure spikes, which could mean you are sensitive to caffeine.

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literatureWhat We Like

We love the fact that the program advocates a healthy lifestyle, rather than making people more dependent on pharmaceutical products. More often than not, taking medication of any kind leads to taking more medication, trapping people in a vicious cycle.

We also like that the program is very easy to understand and is full of common sense issues. The shopping list is particularly useful, because it makes it so much easier to eat a varied diet that is better for not just our blood pressure, but our overall health and well-being. The literature provided in the program is written in a language that everybody can understand, rather than bombarding us with complicated technical and medical jargon.

The program has been developed by Ken Burge, who is also very well known for his Paleo Burn system, which is a diet program that has helped people shed the pounds in a healthy, natural way. Just like with Paleo Burn, My Blood Pressure Fix advocates a lifestyle change that is sustainable, rather than offering a diet that can only be followed for a short period of time.

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What We Don’t Like

So far, very little scientific evidence has been presented to suggest this program actually works. However, it is all based on common sense. Mother Nature offers our bodies everything we need not just to be healthy, but also to return to good levels of health if we are experiencing issues. Do we really need to have a scientist tell us that an orange is good for us, or is that something we know from experience? Besides this, we know that Ken Burge is a man that can be trusted from his other programs.

My Blood Pressure SolutionThe Verdict

We are always happy if we see a program that advocates a natural ways of getting healthy. We don’t believe that pharmaceutical companies really have our best interest at heart, instead trying to make us dependent on their products. This is one of the main reasons why we would wholeheartedly recommend the My Blood Pressure Fix. Based on good old fashioned, common sense knowledge, it offers a lifestyle change for people that is easy to maintain and does not force us to live our lives without enjoying ourselves. In fact, a large proportion of the program itself is based around helping us feel better and happier, as this reduces stress and thereby our blood pressure. We believe this program works and that it is absolutely worth using it.

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