Building Muscle Through Food And Diet

Building muscles requires a whole host of things, not in the least a good mental attitude and a fantastic workout regime. However, your diet is just as important as the mentality and the workout itself. Again, this is something most of us know. What we don’t know, however, and what is very difficult to find out, is what we should eat in order to get those massive muscles. After all, every lotion and potion manufacturer will state that their is the best of the best, and finding that honest opinion that really tells you what you need to know may be hard to find. However, here it is!

Basic Food and Drinks

You should always start with the basics. According to, you should see your body as a sports stadium, something robust and fit for purpose.

Your body is like that stadium. You need a strong foundation of good nutrition and quality foods and beverages to develop muscle and sustain performance.

What they have done is work out a tier of food and beverages that you should consumed. The first tier is full of eggs, water and mild. The second tier is the fish, the poultry and other meats. The third and last tier is filled with dark chocolate, green an dark chocolate, nuts, vegetables, beans and green and black tea. All of these allows us to grow our muscles bigger and stronger and if we keep this up, they will last longer with fewer effort as well. Plus, it is a healthy way of living overall, even if you simply want to stay the size that you are.

Snacks are equally important, however, and has added a few gorgeous ones, each using peanut butter. Peanut butter is a total super food and should be included in any diet.

In schoolyards everywhere, elementary school kids are snacking on a terrific post-workout muscle-building snack. That old lunchtime staple, PB&J, contains the ideal ratio of carbohydrate to protein (4 to 1) needed after a workout. Who said eating healthy had to be expensive?

There are a few absolutely awesome snacks that are cheap as chips as well, such as a peanut butter and banana sandwich (full of carbohydrates), peanut butter on sliced apples, with a glass of milk (moderate protein), peanut butter chocolate milkshake with banana (full of nutrients) and peanut butter on celery sticks (low on calories).

So What About the Supplements?

Supplements are incredibly important as well. In fact, they can really be your friend when it comes to building muscle, again so long as you know what you are doing. According to the Bulletin News

The review concluded that despite some discrepancy in published literature, protein supplementation does increase muscle mass and strength when combined with prolonged resistance-type exercise training.

So what sort of supplements should be taken? Well, the review that is discussed in the Bulletin News included a test group of some 700 people. Some of the studies used casein, whey and/or milk proteins. Other groups used just whey protein. Others still focused on amino acids or casein protein. A single group used egg protein. All of these supplements were taken before workouts, during workouts and after workouts and all of them showed amazing results.

Getting those muscles, clearly, depends to a great degree on your diet. They say that you are what you eat and this is true in the world of body building and exercise as well. After all, food is the building block, or foundation of our lives and although it may be true that we lose weight when we eat less, it also leaves us with insufficient energy to work out.

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