Golf Fuel Review: Can Supplements Raise Your Levels of Brain Fuel?

Golf Fuel is a nutritional supplement that promises to provide golfers with increased mental acuity and focus in order to improve their game. Manufactured and distributed by Golf Fuel LLC in Austin Texas, the product’s main goal is to increase the levels of “brain fuel” needed to stay extra sharp and focused on the green.

Golf Fuel HomepageIf you’re anything like me, you probably think that taking a supplement to improve your swings and drives is quite absurd. This is actually one of the reasons why I decided to dig deeper and check out what the product really has to offer.

What Exactly is Golf Fuel?

At first glance, Golf Fuel is just like any other brain boosting supplement that is being advertised in the market these days. If you’ve ever purchased one of those, you’ll probably be familiar with the old promises of increased mental prowess, concentration, and the like. In most cases however, these supplements do not work, and some don’t have the needed potency to actually work.

Golf Fuel on the other hand has several ingredients which, according to their website, work together to really deliver the promised result of increased mental focus and acuity. Aside from this, the ingredients that are inside each capsule of Golf Fuel have been studied and proven to contribute to increased levels of neurotransmissions. The product promises to aid golfers improving several important brain processes that can create the right responses. Let’s discuss some of these so you can more or less determine whether or not to give Golf Fuel a try.

What You Get With Golf Fuel

First, the product claims to provide golfers – both pros and rookies – with added power to efficiently control their irons and woods. An average golf player will, in most cases, be able to have the control needed to use his equipment in order to come up with the best swings. The problem is, neurotransmissions in the brain decrease in quality and efficacy as a person ages, which is why you see a lot of golfers in their 50’s and 60’s being half the players they were when they were younger. According to studies these neurotransmissions decline when a person reaches the age of 35, so don’t be surprised if your golfing skills are not what they used to when you were in the prime of your golfing career or hobby. This is what Golf Fuel promises to remedy.

Second, Golf Fuel promises to improve a player’s balance and coordination, including hand-eye coordination and bodily reflexes that are quite essential when playing a round on the green. Hooks, mis-hits, and slices are all part and parcel of decreased brain neurotransmissions, and the product claims to have the solution to this as well.

Third, the supplement promises to deliver increased mental focus and concentration, allowing a golfer to have full control in a game whether long or short. Not only that, but Golf fuel also claims to be able to boost one’s stamina, allowing you to enjoy a full 18 holes without feeling overtaxed and fatigued in the end.

So how can Golf Fuel live up to these promises? Let’s discuss the ingredients found in the product.

What’s Inside Golf Fuel?

Golf Fuel is a blend of 11 ingredients, all of which have been proven to affect and create positive responses in the body in one way or another. For this review, I’m going to touch on 4 of these ingredients because I feel that they are more than likely to make the biggest difference when taking the supplement.

ALCAR as Explained in the Golf Fuel WebsiteFor starters, the supplement contains Acetyl-L Carnitine or ALCAR for short. It is an amino acid that is known to be able to cross what scientists call the “blood-brain barrier”, meaning it can actually be absorbed by the brain to slow down and even prevent cell degeneration. As you know, amino acids aid in protecting cells against free radicals in the body, and ALCAR takes it to the next level by aiding brain cells. Together with Ginkgo Biloba, these two ingredients have got it covered when it comes to increasing concentration and mental abilities.

Aside from this, Golf Fuel also contains green tea extract which is rich in polyphenols that help the body fight against health conditions such as cancer and heart disease. Although green tea in itself cannot cause sufficient weight loss for many of those who have tried supplements made from this ingredient, it nonetheless has the power to increase metabolism through the polyphenols found in the extract. When combined with caffeine – also in Golf Fuel – it has an excellent effect on metabolism in a person’s body, allowing for better bodily functions and control and therefore increasing coordination and reflexes.

What I Have to Say about Golf Fuel

I generally stay away from any type of supplement in the market, but seeing I was desperate for a solution to the catastrophe I was constantly experiencing while playing golf, I decided to give this product a try. At present, I can personally say that it works for me and provides me with the help I need not only in terms of my golf skills but with my daily activities in general. Being a 50+ something fellow, I often have a hard time concentrating and my memory can do with a little improvement at times, and Golf Fuel has helped me in these areas.

Price of Golf Fuel for 100 Capsules

Pricing and Recommendation

A bottle of Golf Fuel costs $97 for 100 capsules, and you can purchase one from the GF website. On If you are an avid golfer, this will last you about 25 days as you are to take the supplement before breakfast, one during lunch, one capsule 30 minutes before you tee off, and another at the turn. If you just wish to generally improve your golf scores on the other hand, you can make the supply last by taking them twice a day – once in the morning and again at lunch. This is the routine I have by the way, and so far I have found that it works great for me.

All in all, Golf Fuel certainly has all the right intentions and the right ingredients to back their claims in my opinion. If you want to take advantage of the benefits that this product can give you whether on the green or with your daily activities, I suggest you give it a try. To make the deal even sweeter, the company has a one year money back guarantee so you’re practically trying it at no risk.

One Year Money Back Guarantee

Have you used Golf Fuel?

Has it helped with your focus while playing?

We want to know… please leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts on Golf Fuel.

2 Responses to Golf Fuel Review: Can Supplements Raise Your Levels of Brain Fuel?

  1. Marcin Hencz September 10, 2013 at 1:08 am #

    Can we sell your Golf Fuel in our Back To Nature Natural Health and Beauty stores? If so, send the information.
    Thank you
    Marcin Hencz

  2. jamie elliott January 5, 2014 at 1:08 am #

    i have been taking golf fuel for about a year now and i’m convinced that it works. i can focus more now than i could several months ago. (it took a few months for me to be able to realize an improvement) i am also a musician, being able to play several instruments, and i sometimes can’t believe how easy it is some days to improve my hand action on guitar, and also how much better i concentrate when learning new pieces. i am convinced it is the golf fuel that is the catalyst, because i, sometimes in my hectic lifestyle, forget to take my nightly dose and realize it when i start playing music. i take it then, wait a few minuets and start practicing with renewed focus. by the way, my golf is better now than ever. i can focus better, stay calm easier and am posting lower scores now. and, oh yeah, i’m almost 66 years young.
    i am closing this comment to order more golf fuel. buy it, it works!