Green 8 Gold Review: Can a Small Shield Device Really Make a Huge Difference?

Green 8 Gold is a small shield device that promises to protect users from harmful EMF radiation emitted by electronic devices such as smartphones, baby monitors, DECT phones, and tablet PCs. The device aims to neutralize the negative effects of microwave signals and data transmissions in the body, therefore protecting cells from degeneration.

Green 8 GoldThis is the first time I have heard of Green 8 Gold but with all the information I was able to come up with, it would seem that the product is really effective so let’s take a look at what Green 8 Gold has to offer.

The Technology behind Green 8 Gold

The product was developed by Joshua Parker who is known to be an expert in various electrotherapy and electromagnetic devices that all aim to improve one’s quality of life. Upon further research, I found out that Green 8 Gold’s shield technology prevents cell damage in the body by creating a magnetic field of its own to neutralize the emissions coming from various devices. The electromagnetic frequencies found in all smartphones and other devices can have an impact on a person’s bodily functions, and Green 8 aims to balance this negative impact by changing the quality of the EMF field into something positive rather than harmful. What it does not do however is minimize the intensity of EMF, so transmission and reception of the device remains unaffected.

In the age of 3G, 4G, and WiFi, everything seems to be more convenient and accessible, but what most people don’t realize is that the longer they use their phones, tablets, and other similar devices, the more they are exposing themselves to harmful radiation. Green 8 Gold, as I’ve found out, is designed to work with these types of electronics by creating a shield that reduces lack of concentration, fatigue, and even hot ears and headaches brought about by overexposure to devices that emit EMF. Because it is quite small, the shield can fit perfectly into any tablet or smartphone without any hassle. You actually wouldn’t notice that it’s there once you have it installed.

If you’re using a smartphone, Green 8 Gold fits nicely at the back of the phone in the battery compartment. Tablet and iOS device users can install the shield device at the back of the unit between the case and the cover without anyone being the wiser. When it comes to baby monitors and DECT phones, the manufacturer recommends placing the shield device at the base of the monitor and with separate units having their own Green 8 Gold as well. It is also recommended that you keep the device intact and not attempt to cut into it or separate the 2 intertwining circles as this will cause the shield to be ineffective.

Joshua Parker Explains Green 8How it Works

I purchased a Green 8 Gold shield device for the purpose of this review in order to see for myself how it can work to neutralize and transform negative radiation into something that is beneficial to the body. The device I received is small, resembling a sticker that you can easily attach to a phone without it being noticeable at all. Once the shield is in place, you can then continue with your routine and just forget about it – the device needs to be replaced once every 1.5 years, with the regular Green 8 lasting for a year before needing a new one.

Since I use my smartphone to keep in touch with a lot of people from my family and the office, I decided to place the Green 8 Gold device at the back of the phone’s battery. You see, I often spend hours on the phone talking to one person or another, and this leaves me quite drained at the end of the day. Only until I did some research on Green 8 Gold did I come up with a plausible explanation for the headaches and hotness around the ears that I feel after a long conversation with someone on the phone.

Installing Green 8 on an iPhoneDay one of using the Green 8 Gold shield saw some pretty interesting results. The fatigue that I usually feel after being on the phone for so long was reduced as well as the intensity of the headache I experienced. The next day, I did not have to deal with a headache at all – something that hasn’t happened in months. This is when I became convinced that Green 8 has potential especially when used on a regular basis. I have decided to continue using the device on my phone because of this, and I just hope that it continues to live up to its promises.

Pricing and Recommendation

At present, Green 8 Gold is sold for $37 per piece, with free shipping on all orders made in the US. There are also combo packs available for those who want to have more than one of these protective shields for the electronic items they use on a daily basis. If you have more than one phone, I strongly suggest that you order more than one Gold 8 to ensure you are fully protected from harmful EMF. One can visit the Green 8 Gold website for further information on how it works and how it is installed in various devices. The company also offers a 6 month money back guarantee on all Green 8 Gold products, which means that one can try it with absolutely no risk.

With technology providing us with countless innovations, it is easy to get carried away with all the fancy gadgets and electronic items being sold in the market. However, people don’t often stop to think about how these devices can affect their bodies, and this is where Green 8 Gold delivers quite nicely. I would recommend this shield device to anyone who wants to improve and negate the harmful effects of mobile phone and tablet usage, and with a 6 month money back guarantee, there is really no reason not to try it. After all, you need only request a refund in case you are not satisfied with the results.


6 Month Money Back Guarantee

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