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The Fantastic Benefits Of Flotation Therapy

You may have heard of floatation tanks after watching an episode of the Simpsons, where Homer and Lisa give it a go to do some father-daughter bonding. Although taken humorously in that particular episode, floatation tanks are real and their benefits are countless. Holistic Benefits explains that Floatation therapy simulates zero gravity by dissolving 800-1000 […]

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6 BioHacks That Will Forever Change You

I love ‘secret knowledge’. Gotta admit it… Especially when it comes to health… living better and living longer. When BioHacking wasn’t cool, I was following the tech nerds that used advanced data analysis and applied it to life. The things these people found was nothing short of amazing. What you are about to watch is […]

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Hacking the Human Body

One of my favorite authors is Tim Ferriss. He’s the FIRST person that grabbed my attention and turned me onto BioHacking. I’ve since run with the idea and ran numerous tests on my own, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t still watch and follow what he does. Here’s a very worthwhile video of him […]

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