How To Improve Your Sleep Naturally

Would you like to discover how to improve your sleep naturally?

The BIGGEST impact that you can have on your health is sleep.


This is the time that your body and mind is allowed to recover.

The problem is that in today’s society, we allow stress to creep in. As stress builds, we sleep less. Even if we sleep eight hours per nights, this isn’t a guarantee that your deep sleep won’t be over an hour.

My quest this past month is how to improve my sleep… both in quality and quantity. I generally sleep 5-6 hours per night with 1 to 1.5 hours in deep sleep. At 41 yrs old, this just isn’t enough.

So what have I personally done to track, measure, and adjust my sleep?

I use the ZEO device to track. This requires a headband to be worn at night. Frankly, this took at least 3-4 days to get used to. I don’t like anything touching me (not even my wife) when I’m sleeping, so wearing a headband was difficult at first.

For 7 nights in a row, I tracked my ZEO score. Their coaching system told me how I measured up against the average of other users my age using the device. To my surprise, I was below par (I live a very healthy lifestyle, so this shocked me).

Now that I know my baseline, I can adjust. I began my changing my sheets to something more breathable. I used SHEEX performance bedding. After 2 nights using that, my ZEO score didn’t change.

I have to mention here that I only drink water, very rarely drink alcohol, and exercise in the morning. I have no caffeine other than when I wake up, so the factors of stimulants or depressants after 3pm aren’t an issue for me. If you drink caffeine after 3pm, drink alcohol, or exercise in the evening, then try changing those factors first.

Next on my list to test was the Earthing technology. This is a strip of sheet that you put at the end of your bed and is supposed to ‘ground’ you.

I read the science behind it and still thought it to be ‘woo’, but in the name of testing, I tried it.

First night, lucid dreaming on a grand scale. No change in ZEO score.

Second night, still lucid dreaming, and a major bump in my ZEO score. I kept the strip of sheeting on my bed and have increased my ZEO score my an average of 5 points per night (over initial baseline) since using it. Impressive, despite the woo factor.

I’ve also tried an ambient noise machine and a deep breathing exercise before bed, but neither effected my score.

I’m still testing and am on a mission to get my ZEO score over 100 per night (it’s currently 83).

If you have suggestions for me to test, then post them in the comments section.

Heck, just post what you do now to get the deepest sleep nights of your life… and nothing crude, like saying ‘sex’… we all know that helps 🙂

Here’s an interesting video that I found with some other techniques to try,

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