Lactic Acid Is A Fuel Source That Can Be Biohacked

When you have a free 10-15 min, jump over to this post and read it… it’s THAT good.

You all know that I love BioHacking and Ben wrote up on incredible ‘lessons learned’ post from the recent BioHacking conference in San Francisco.

To give you a taste of the pure awesomeness that he shares in this post, I will post just one of the lessons (#8 to be exact) that’s on his blog.

Lesson 8: Lactic Acid Is A Fuel Source That Can Be Biohacked

During the conference, Jay Schroeder (who works with a ton of elite athletes) brought up a very good point about lactic acid.

Lactic acid gets a bad rap, but ultimately, if you train your body at high intensities, it can become very efficient at shuttling lactic acid back up to the liver and converting it into glucose, after which the lactic acid can be “recycled” and used as a concentrated energy source by your muscle. This is called the Cori cycle.

So lactic acid can be used as a fuel source, and as you probably guessed, training at high intensities or with high amounts of resistance can teach your body how to more efficiently do that, but here’s the part where biohacking comes in:


The label of Dave Asprey’s Anti-Aging formula – see something you like?

A significant rate limiting step of converting lactic acid into glucose is the conversion of NAD into NADH, and in studies, acute oxaloacetate exposure enhances resistance to fatigue by allowing lactic acid to get recycled and converted to glucose at a much higher rate.

As a matter of fact, along with calorie restriction (which isn’t much fun, really), enhancing your Cori cycle efficiency is also one of the ways (geekspeak warning) that you can increase the enzyme AMPK, which upregulates mitochondrial biogenesis.

Basically, this means that you can become a complete lactic acid metabolizing endurance beast if you take oxaloacetate in supplement form 15-30 minutes prior to any endurance workout, preferably one that includes high intensity intervals.

Incredible, huh?

That’s all for this Saturday.

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