Reviewing Lean Green Coffee: Green Coffee Bean Extracts for Weight Loss

Green coffee extract is one of the latest in the line of dietary ingredients being marketed these days. Lean Green Coffee is one product that many may want to try, which is why I decided to come up with this review to help readers determine whether or not it actually works.

Green Coffee BeansBefore getting into details however, let’s discuss how green coffee extract can be different from other dietary ingredients that are currently being used by many supplement manufacturers.

Understanding the Benefits of Green Coffee

Coffee is usually made from ripe coffee beans which are then processed and powdered or granulated to become the coffee that we drink on a regular basis. Green coffee on the other hand is not made from ripe coffee beans but rather from raw ones, thus the name. The green coffee bean extract used to make Lean Green Coffee capsules on the other hand is left unprocessed to preserve the natural antioxidants found in the beans themselves, therefore making it more potent than what you usually get with your average cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Based on recent research, the chlorogenic acid found in green coffee beans has a huge impact on weight loss and other health management issues among people. Chlorogenic acid is a powerful antioxidant in itself, not to mention that it promotes natural yet rapid weight loss. Some of the more excellent benefits of green coffee bean extract with chlorogenic acid include a healthier heart, younger-looking skin, decreased risk of heart diseases and certain types of cancers, and several others. These benefits which are all in Lean Green Coffee have in fact been highlighted in several TV programs and endorsed by a number of doctors.

Lean Green Coffee Supplement

What Lean Green Coffee Extract Can Offer

There are several advantages and benefits that Lean Green Coffee promises to deliver to customers. First, the product promises to help a person burn an increased amount of fat without drastically changing their eating and exercise patterns. Now we all know that diet and exercise go hand in hand when trying to lose weight, but Lean Green Coffee capsules guarantee weight loss even if one does not engage in physical exercise as often as possible. This means that you can go on with your lifestyle and still manage to lose weight as long as you’re taking 800mg of green coffee extract per day. That does not mean you can just feast on junk food and other unhealthy food products though, not if you really want to see results.

Aside from its fat-burning claims, Lean Green Coffee guarantees the use of 100% natural green coffee beans without additives, fillers, or extenders. There are a lot of products in the market these days that claim to have pure green coffee bean extract in their list of ingredients, but upon closer inspection, one will find a list of various fillers or extenders like rice flour, cellulose, and the like. These don’t really have a negative on the person ingesting the supplement, but they reduce the potency of the green coffee bean extract nonetheless. I checked the label of Lean Green Coffee, and thankfully enough it didn’t have all those additives.

Bonus Weight Loss GuideLastly, the kind of green coffee bean extract used in Lean Green Coffee does not pose any risk of side-effects on users. Most weight loss supplements sold in health stores and supermarkets have a list of side-effects that one should be aware of, and if you’re not careful, you may end up causing more harm to your body than good. This is what I found good about Lean Green Coffee, which means that any person regardless of body type can use it without worrying about any ill-effects.

My Experience with the Lean Green Coffee Supplement

I stumbled upon the product when I was trying to determine whether or not green coffee extract really works in terms of weight loss and health improvement. There was a video explaining the product in detail, and after seeing the benefits discussed in detail, I decided to order a bottle which had 60 veggie capsules to be consumed in 30 days.

The recommended dosage is 2 capsules per day, one in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast, and one in the evening 30 minutes before dinner. What I didn’t like though was the aftertaste as green coffee extract can be very bitter, so I decided to follow the advice by experts who are endorsing the product and drank a lot of water to wash the taste off. After a week, I have noticed a drop in my weight, and I was actually more energetic than before. In two weeks’ time and after incorporating an exercise routine to complement the diet, I am now 15 pounds lighter.

Pricing and Recommendation

Lean Green Coffee Prices and PacksA bottle of Lean Green Coffee costs $59.95, while 2 bottles – good for 60 days – will set you back $99.90. As a special offer, the manufacturers of the product have a 4-bottle pack that costs $159.80 or $39.95 per bottle which is about $20 off the cost of a month’s supply. If you’re just trying out the product to see whether it actually works, I recommend that you order one bottle at first like what I did. If you find that you’re not satisfied with the results, Lean Green Coffee has a 60 day money-back guarantee that you can take advantage of. If on the other hand you find that the product can really help you lose weight, you can save some money and order the 4-month supply right off the bat.

With so many supplements that promise immediate weight loss without one having to lift a finger, it is so easy to be duped into trying a bogus product that does not work at all. My experience with Lean Green Coffee is fortunately positive, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to regain control of their weight even if they don’t have time to engage in exercise or plan a drastic diet and lifestyle change. The 60 day money-back guarantee and the bonus weight loss program guide sweetens the deal even more, so it’s a risk-free offer that I suggest you take advantage of.

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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