Learning How To Eat Your Way To Weight Loss

It seems to be contradictory. On the one hand, you are told that if you consume fewer calories you can shed those excess pounds. So you diligently monitor your caloric intake so that you can make the best of your efforts. Then on the other hand, you are told that you must eat more to lose weight. For the average person, it all seems rather confusing. If you consider how humans deal with weight in comparison to nature itself, the whole concept can be very frustrating. Consider the observation of the Modern Health Monk, Alexander Heyne,

A lion just eats as much as it wants, when it wants right? So why wasn’t it obese? If humans “eating naturally” until we were full was causing us to gain weight and increasing our risk of virtually every disease and every cancer, obviously something was wrong.

It seems that what we have always accepted as the norm does not fit in with the rest of the natural world around us. Maybe that starvation diet isn’t the best way to shed those excess pounds. However, as scientific knowledge of how our bodies work continues to become clearer, we begin to understand the impact that food has on our weight and how best to control it. We need to learn how to eat if we want to get rid of that weight for good.

It’s the Type of Food You Eat

One of the reasons that food has not become our friend is because we are not consuming enough natural foods. The foods we have become accustomed to eat have been pumped full of artificial flavoring, food coloring, and other ingredients that have been altered in ways that make it difficult for our bodies to break them down. Fortunately, if we follow one basic rule, eat it if it comes from a tree, vine, bush, or stalk, we will be getting our food in its most basic form. That way we give our bodies the best source of natural nutrients they can have. By eating naturally grown fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds you’ll consume more food but fewer calories at the same time. You’ll also reduce your blood-sugar levels that often cause you to feel hungry.

You Need Protein

Losing weight is not just about shedding fat; you also need to consider toning up your muscles. In order to build your muscle mass you need to eat protein rich-foods. Scientists have discovered that for every 10 to 15 grams of protein you consume your body will synthesize it to build up your muscle tissue. You might think that your regular morning bagel is a good choice but studies have shown that those who start their day with eggs were 65 percent more likely to lose more weight. Your goal should be to consume from a half to one gram of protein for every pound of your body weight. Remember the more muscle you build the better you’ll be able to ward off those fat pockets taking refuge around your body.
Learning how to eat your way to weight loss can be a little of a challenge because it does not fit with what we’ve always been taught for generations. The reward, however, is the transformation our bodies will receive. Consider the words of Julie Fredrickson of,

This isn’t the kind of transformation you see glamorized in the fitness press – in my case, it took almost four years to figure out how to reach my goals and maintain my “transformation.”

By learning not just how to count calories but the right type of calories to eat, you will not only lose fat, you’ll also gain muscle, get your cholesterol in check, and make a full mental shift in your total approach to food so that you will have a new routine that can keep you healthy and strong for the rest of your life.

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