Lifelong Exercise Will Let You Live For Longer

We all know that we have to eat a varied diet and engage in regular physical exercise in order to stay healthy and in the right weight categories. As much as we know this, however, there are still too many of us who seem unable to do this. The obesity epidemic is growing quicker and quicker, which would suggest the healthy eating and exercise message is falling on deaf ears. Out of all the industrialized nations, our country is the most obese. We like to think that the Germans and the British have similar problems, which is true to an extent, but nowhere is the problem as bad as what it is here.

More than one-third of U.S. adults (35.7%) are obese.

It seems various things affect obesity, but believing it is a case of education, income or ethnic background is untrue. For instance, in Caucasian adults, obesity is more common among those on lower incomes, but in Hispanic adults, it is more common in the wealthier groups.

Be that as it may, could it be that the real reason as to why people don’t live healthy lives is because they don’t have an incentive? There is certainly a belief that the accessibility of weight loss surgery is playing a role in stopping people from taking losing weight seriously. However, a piece of news has just broken that may just provide people with that incentive: taking part in lifelong exercise will let you live longer.

Live Longer with Exercise

It seems logical that exercising makes you live longer. After all, it combats obesity, and therefore all the health conditions related to obesity. However, it seems that it isn’t just about living longer, it is about maintaining the same fitness levels as when you are younger, thereby actually slowing down the effects of aging.

While you can’t defy aging’s impact on your speed and fitness forever, research shows that you can push back, hard. You can markedly slow your decline and postpone tumbling off the fitness cliff that some people encounter in old age. And the gains may transfer from athletics to the tasks of daily life.

Exercise Is the Fountain of Youth

As such, some are now saying that taking part in good physical exercise is like discovering the fountain of youth. Nothing can stop the process of aging permanently, not even plastic surgery, but taking part in good physical exercise can slow down the process of aging quite remarkably.

You’ll benefit from regular, several-times-a-week exercise whenever you start, but beginning early in life and sticking with a program appears to hold the greatest value.

Add to this the fact that exercise tones your body up a lot and you will see how it will continue to make you look younger as well. Furthermore, it isn’t just good for your look, it is good for what’s on the inside as well. Those who have participated in regular exercise all their lives generally have the heart health of someone much younger than them. Not just that, exercising is also great to keep your cognitive skills young and full of life.

Routine exercise isn’t just good for your physical health, new research has found when you ride a bike, hike, walk outdoors or do laps around an indoor walking track, and you’re also helping your memory.

To recap, taking part in exercise stops you from becoming obese. It keeps you looking and feeling younger. It protects your heart and other internal organs and it keeps you smart. Best of all, it is a whole lot cheaper than any surgery could ever be. Do you need more incentives?

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