Washboard Abs and Toned Body with P90X – True or False?

The P90X workout program is probably one of the most popular and highly publicized exercise routines in the market these days. Created by Tony Horton, it promises to sculpt one’s body in 90 days without the need for complicated machines and equipment usually found in a gym.

After four kids, I was quite desperate to find a solution to my belly fat problems, which is why I decided to try the P90X program as advertised on many infomercials and websites online. This is of course aside from the fact that many people had a lot of good reviews for it.

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What It Offers

A major issue to deal with when trying to lose weight is the body’s adaptability to varying stages of workouts, so when you only do a single workout routine day in and day out, the body recognizes this function as a regular activity and therefore makes the fats even harder to burn. P90X promises to solve all these issues through rigorous interval routines in your workout to keep the body from adapting to the exercise, thus making it easier to continuously lose weight.

The P90X workout program is different from other workouts because it never gives the body a chance to adapt to a particular routine – it always keeps the body moving. This is the strength of this program and perhaps the secret to many individuals having positive results after following it for 90 days.

The P90X PackageDuring the 90 program however, you also need to strictly follow the nutrition and fitness plan if you want to see immediate and lasting results. I had to learn this the hard way since I cheated a few times and had to pay for it by starting the program over.

So I had an intense workout routine on one hand and a strict fitness plan on the other. I knew I had my work cut out for me, but thinking I would somehow survive it I went ahead and ordered the basic package.

How It Worked for Me

I’ve never had time for a lot of exercise and to say that I was in bad shape is an understatement, and this is probably why I nearly quit the program just after a few days of trying it out. However, I was determined to be a few dress sizes smaller than what I was at that time so I persisted. After about two weeks on the program I was quite pleased to see some changes even though not as dramatic as I would have liked. But hey, I was seeing results so who was I to complain?

The workouts developed by Tim for the P90X are brutal to say the least, but the good thing is that one can actually modify these movements during the initial stages when the body is still adjusting to the amount of strenuous activity it is engaged in. Once I had these down pat and got used to the extreme routine, I gradually transitioned to the prescribed workouts so I could get the best outcome.

Customer TestimonialNow, although the P90X is both for men and women, there are certain distinctions I noticed about it when I was following the women’s program. For one, the workouts didn’t require one to lift as much weight as that of the men’s program, but it does require longer routines in order to balance the amount of training you get. As skeptical I was about the program at first, I have to admit that it works. I still have two weeks left of the P90X program at the time of this writing, and I am now at a healthy 125lbs instead of the 155lbs when I first started.

What’s Good about the Program

The thing about P90X is that you’ll really be striving to meet your goals within 90 days. This is no “instant solution” to having an excellent physique like most programs promise. I’ve always tried to stay away from those so-called shortcuts to being in shape, believing in the old-fashioned way of working hard to achieve my desired weight. This program allows me to do just that.

P90X Nutrition Plan

Downsides to P90X

As I stated earlier, the eating plan is one of the most important things you should give your attention and stick to if you want to really prove that P90X works. It’s not that the exercises can’t give you the results you want, but it’s quite necessary to follow the nutrition plan to a T or you wouldn’t experience as much change in your body as possible.

P90X 90-day Money Back GuaranteeAside from this, I’m not really a fan of the price. The basic package goes for about $120 plus shipping and handling, while the deluxe and ultimate editions cost about $240 and $330 respectively. Although these are broken down into three separate payments, it’s still quite steep in my opinion. Nonetheless, I have no regrets about the program and am quite satisfied that it really works. The money-back guarantee is also a nice option for those who think the P90X is not for them.


Despite the fact that I nearly quit at the beginning of the program, I must say that P90X does work. However, there should be a level of determination if you really want to succeed and complete the program. If you’re looking for a quick fix to your weight and physique issues, this is not the program for you, but if you want to sweat it out and work every inch of fat off your body then I recommend P90X.

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