PaleoBurn – Can You Get Thin by Being a Caveman?

PaleoburnPaleoBurn works on the so called paleolithic – or caveman – diet plan. This plan itself has been around for quite some time and many people have used it successfully. However, it is a hugely complicated diet and if you don’t do it exactly right, you may as well not bother at all. Through PaleoBurn, the system is simplified so that everybody can use it and experience its benefits. They believe in their product so much that they offer a full 8 week money back guarantee to those who aren’t happy with the results, four free gifts just for joining, as well as an iPad for anybody who is able to drop 25 pounds in just 90 days. That is a seriously attractive offer, so should you give their package a go?

The Paleo Diet

PaleoBurn is about a change in lifestyle. Essentially, you will have to restrict certain foods and totally eliminate others. However, this is not a starvation diet. In fact, according to PaleoBurn, you will be able to eat all your favorite foods.

PaleoBurn has had quite few celebrity endorsements, including Megan Fox, Ray Mears and Matthew McConaughey. Because of this, it is becoming as well-known as diets such as the Blood Group Diet, Atkins, the South Beach Diet, Jenny Craig and so on.

Discover paleoWhat Does the PaleoBurn Promise?

The diet is now known under many names, each referring to the fact that it is almost a “back to basics” type of diet. It is about understand what sort of foods we were made to eat, which is what we ate when we were cavemen, long before the food industry became commercialized. So, you will be eating meat and fish, plenty of fruit and vegetables, as well as roots and nuts. However, there are also many products that are banned, including legumes, grains, dairy products, refined sugar and salt. No cavemen was ever able to access things such as a processed oil, hence we shouldn’t consume that either. The focus of the plan is to eat lots of protein and few carbs. However, there is no calorie counting involved, nor is there a stringent exercise plan.

How Is the PaleoBurn Different?

A lot of diets fail because they are much too complicated or because people cannot live their entire life on these plans. Yes, the PaleoBurn does ban a number of foods, which could make you feel as if you are missing out. However, these are foods that we have learned to believe we need. Through the plan, you will receive a wealth of information on what foods you can and cannot eat.

A big part of the PaleoBurn is that it is actually fun. All the food in the plan can be hunted, gathered or foraged. This is probably a good idea anyway, as it is likely that your food bill would increase if you purchase all the items. Since you have to go back to the cavemen days, you cannot eat food that is full of pesticides, preservatives and antibiotics.

In terms of drinks, you can have as much water as you like, as well as other plant-based drinks, including tea. The debate on whether or not you can have alcohol is ongoing. At present, it is restricted, but if you can make your own alcohol out of flowers you have foraged, you are not doing anything cavemen didn’t do as well.

EvolutionWhat We Like about PaleoBurn

  • We love that there is a strong emphasis on eating organic fruit and vegetables. Hence, the risk of developing various health conditions, cancers and diabetes.
  • You will consume a huge range of essential fatty acids.
  • If you have carbohydrates cravings, this plan is perfect for you, as it is for those who monitor their blood sugar levels.
  • You do not have to count calories or measure portions, nor do you have to invest in diet food.
  • There is no exercise plan that must be followed as well.
  • It is a completely unique program that delivers what it says it will.
  • It is perfect for those who have little to no dieting experience, particularly because the plan is set up to start from the basics.
  • PaleoBurn is cheap to buy and the customer service is amazing, including free gifts, incentives and a full money back guarantee.

What We Don’t Like about PaleoBurn

  • It is very restrictive and a lot of people would prefer to eat things like bread, pasta, desserts and bread.
  • It can disrupt your social life, as it is difficult to go out for a meal.
  • We don’t really know what our cavemen ancestors ate, so there is an element of speculation
  • Can be expensive, unless you forage and grow your own food
  • Cannot be followed by vegetarians or vegans

Bad foods

The Verdict

We have to say that we like PaleoBurn for a huge variety of reasons. Even those who do not want to use it as a diet and don’t want to be fully restricted will learn, at the very least, to cut processed food out of their diet, making them healthier. Because it focused on lean proteins, you will feel fuller for longer, which is the best way for people to actually lose weight. There is also a high fiber intake, as well as vitamins and minerals, which helps to maintain your internal organs as well.

We must state that the concern is that dairy products are removed from the diet, so we would recommend people take a calcium supplement or deviate from the diet slightly. Also, since there is no exercise plan included in the program, your body will not tone.

Any diet of this kind requires a drastic change in lifestyle and you will notice this for the first few days and weeks. Cutting out carbohydrates and replacing them with essential fats and protein is good for us, but it will take some getting used to.

Overall, however, we feel the benefits by far outweigh the cons, not in the least because this is a plan that you can follow for the rest of your life, rather than exposing yourself to the risk of the yo-yo effect.

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