Reviewing the Rife Research Kit: Is Rife’s Work the Cure for Cancer?

The Rife Research Kit by Joshua Parker delivers to the public much needed information on the medical breakthroughs pioneered by Royal Raymond Rife, including his discovery of a possible cure for cancer which is now called the Rife machine.

Rife Research Kit HomepageThe kit is more like an instructional documentary that one can watch and enjoy, and if you’re like me who has been following news on various Rife machines in the market, you’ll definitely find this product worth looking into.

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Royal Rife and his discovery of the Rife machine, with the AMA and other medical branches in the thick of it. Who would’ve thought that a cure for deadly disease was possible by zoning in on the deadly virus or bacteria and killing it through powerful vibrations? This is much like how vibrations can shatter a wine glass or mirror, and it is exactly what is discussed and covered in the Rife Research Kit along with several other fascinating discoveries.

What’s Included in the Package?

There are three topics included in the Rife Research Kit, each comes in a DVD and discusses in detail the various aspects of the life and works of Royal Rife.

The first DVD is more like a historical documentary and runs for about 2 hours and 12 minutes. In this aspect of the Rife Research Kit, Joshua and his crew put together videos of Rife in his laboratory where he worked with lab rats as test specimens while perfecting the Rife machine. In the video, one will see how Rife tested these rats by giving them cancer and blasting the cancer cells away with the use of high-pitched vibrations from the machine he has invented.

I was a bit skeptical about this DVD at first, so I decided to dig deeper and see if the processes used by Rife as reported in the video were factual. What I learned was that not only did Royal Rife conduct this experiment using several rats as specimens but that he actually used 411 of them just to make sure that the treatment really worked. I’ve seen a lot of “treatments” in the market claiming to do a lot more based on fewer – if not completely unfounded – tests, and this is something that got me thinking. What if he had found the cure for deadly diseases such as cancer after all? Wasn’t this information supposed to be out in the open?

What You Get with the Rife Research Kit

The second DVD meanwhile chronicles the life of Royal Rife and the history behind his discoveries in the electro-therapy field. Being interested in alternative cures, I found that Rife’s work in electro-therapy and how he got there in the first place quite interesting. Rife used his knowledge to develop a microscope in the early 1900s that allowed doctors and medical professionals to see live bacteria and viruses – something that was unheard of at that time. By the 1920s, Rife as already on his way to doing research and trying to discover possible cures for cancer, thus the invention of the Rife machine and innovation in electro-therapy.

The third installment of the Rife Research Kit on the other hand comes in audio format, one that you can listen to with any CD player. The audio includes various interviews conducted with Rife’s colleagues such as Dr. Robert Stafford, Dr. Tully, and Dr. James Couche who all saw and experienced firsthand the innovation brought by Rife in the medical field. I was impressed by how Joshua and his team were able to waddle through months and months of recorded data and come up with a solid offering in this CD, and frankly, it is by far my favorite part in the Rife Research Kit.

Rife Research Kit Bonuses

Rife Research Kit BonusesAside from the DVDs and CD included in the research kit, Joshua and his team have also come up with material that comes free with every package. The first bonus is called “Rife in His Words” and features interviews with Rife about electro-therapy and his contribution. One can hear Rife revealing his thoughts on his accomplishments and his projects, allowing a better insight into the man and scientist who changed the medical landscape in the 1920s and 1930s.

The second bonus CD features an interview with Patrick Flanagan by none other than Joshua himself. Flanagan is known for his invention of the Neurophone, a device that allows sound transmission from the skin to the brain without the need for interaction with the 8th cranial nerve that conducts sound and carries the signals from the ear to the brain. In the 1960s, Flanagan and his work on using sound to effectively communicate with dolphins came under scrutiny from several government agencies, and this CD offers the reasons why. If you have read up on Royal Rife, you’ll understand the relation between him and Flanagan, with both men being asked by the government or some other authority to stop what they were doing.

Pricing and Recommendation

The Rife Research Kit normally costs $97 but at present, Joshua is offering it for $49.95. This entitles one to the whole kit plus the two bonuses, along with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 90 day no questions asked refund process if by any chance the kit is not what you expect it to be.

There have been a lot of instances in history when the work of a brilliant person came to an abrupt halt because of intervention from various authorities and this is the same thing that happened to Rife. Imagine how the medical field would fare today if Rife’s work on electro-therapy and the Rife machine received the support it deserved and not kept as a secret from the public. The Rife Research Kit is something that I would recommend to just about anyone who is concerned about research and studies in the field of cancer treatments and cures. The Rife machine, after all, can be just the solution needed to get rid of these deadly diseases and viruses once it receives the proper support.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

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