Straight Facts About Caffeine Supplements For Weight Loss

caffeineTurn on any TV, listen to any radio station, or even peruse any magazine or newspaper and you’re sure to find an endless list of ideas for fast weight loss. It is clear that as more and more people find themselves putting on the pounds there are just as many ideas for taking them off. Losing weight is a difficult process to say the least and when you’re excessively overweight the odds are you’ll want to take it off fast.

While there are many different ways to shed pounds some of them may prove at the very least to be a bit controversial in their usage. Taking caffeine supplements seems to be one of those that should require careful consideration before you decide to use them. While there may be nominal weight loss benefits from taking such pills it is beneficial to keep in mind what Amanda Hermes of points out,

Many people would love to find a quick fix for weight loss in the form of a pill that melts the fat right off the body. Caffeine pills are cheap and easy to come by; unfortunately, though, they won’t help you lose much weight.

It is reasonable then to weigh the benefits gained against the possible risks before you decide to use this particular tool as a means for losing weight.

Have Reasonable Expectations

It has been proven that taking caffeine supplements can boost your weight loss efforts but it may not be as significant a boost as you have been lead to believe. Caffeine has been known to be an appetite suppressant and to stimulate thermogenesis, which is one of the mechanisms that the body uses to pull energy from the foods you eat. It also has been used as a diuretic so your body will excrete more fluids. This can allow your body to lose weight but this type of loss does not represent any long-term effects, therefore deceiving you into believing that the caffeine is more effective than it actually is.

Understanding how caffeine is at work in your body will help you to be realistic in your expectations.

Consider the Side Effects

You also want to weigh the risks that may be involved with taking caffeine supplements to assist in your weight loss efforts. Taking more than what is considered moderate amounts can lead to an accelerated heart rate, excessive urination, nausea, vomiting, restlessness, anxiety, depression, tremors and insomnia. While the effects may differ from one individual to the next most feel a nervous energy when they take caffeine. Consider how you will deal with these issues if you choose to take caffeine supplements to help you drop the pounds.

Its addictive properties will also need to be weighed carefully. Once you start taking supplements and you decide to stop you’ll probably experience withdrawal symptoms like headaches, drowsiness, irritability and nausea. This could lead to an entirely different set of medical problems for you.

Choosing caffeine supplements to help you reach your weight loss goals may seem like a fast way to the finish line but weight loss experts strongly recommend a more practical approach for a healthier outcome. A well thought out exercise program under a doctor’s supervision along with a balanced nutritional plan will most likely give you the same results if not better. It may be wiser to consider the advice of weight loss expert Judith Wurtman, PhD,

Let their role in weight loss be restricted to giving us that slight nudge of energy to walk a bit further, jog a little faster or climb the stairs with less huffing and puffing.

Whatever choice you make on the caffeine debate take the time to weigh the gains and risks carefully before you begin. While your goal may be to shed those excess pounds using a supplement that could put your individual health at risk may not be worth it in the end.

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