The Best Home Workout Tools Available Today

There are thousands of home gyms out there. A huge amount of money is invested in advertising these products through infomercials, advertisements online and by a heavy social media presence. Most of us now know that advertisements are quite simply blatant lies and that we shouldn’t believe what we see on telly or online. However, how are we then supposed to figure out which ones are good and which ones are a waste of money? Here is a list of the four best home exercise tools you can get.

The Exercise Ball

The exercise ball is great for a variety of reasons. One of the most important reasons is that you can pick it up for a couple of bucks from any store. What matters as well is the huge range of workouts you are able to do on the ball.

Twelve core-strengthening exercises are printed on the ball, so you’ll never have the excuse of “I forgot to do that one.”

Even if you don’t get the ball with the exercises printed on it, you should be able to look them up online very quickly and get started.

Jump Ropes

Jump ropes are not made for children, but rather for people who want to work out and really feel the burn. If you have never seen the movie Rockie (any number), you may not know just how important jump ropes are to boxers. They are a fantastic way to get fit and get an all over body workout.

Jumping rope is a high-intensity cardiovascular workout that requires balance, strength and agility. You can use it nearly anytime and anywhere as a complete workout or for quick intervals between weight training sets or circuit training stations. Pack one in your suitcase and you never will miss another workout due to your travel schedule.

The Multi Gym

A multi gym is slightly more expensive than things like an exercise ball or jump rope. However, it is a very useful tool that allows you to do a variety of exercises. You do, however, have to find a good space for it in your home. Many multi gyms advertise the fact that they are easy to store, but if you are like the majority of other people, you will find that you store it and never take it out again.

Now the Muilti-Gym would be my favorite if I was to train from home as strength and endurance training is what I do the most of. As well as building muscle you can still burn up to 400 calories in a 1 hour session. Unlike other exercise equipment this can be used more frequently without getting that tedious feeling you would get doing the same thing over and over.


Yes, you should not play down just how good videos and DVDs actually are. You have to be realistic and understand you will never achieve the body of your virtual trainer by following the instructions on the video, but you will certainly be able to burn a lot of calories and build some muscle.

I think fitness videos are the number-one value in home aerobics. For approximately $15 each, workout DVDs bring high energy cardio dance, kickboxing, or walking workouts (no treadmill required!) to your living room. You need only one to start-often, you can mix-and-match different routines on the same disc.

Finding out which disc is the best for you depends on your goals and your likes and dislikes. For instance, Salsacise (exercise with salsa dancing) is great, but not for people who detest dancing. There is a DVD out there for everybody and there is no need to limit yourself to just one either.

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