The One Minute Cure: Reviewing Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

The One Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases is a book that claims to reveal a natural therapy to help the body create a disease-free environment from within. It was written by Madison Cavanaugh, an alternative health journalist who has penned 7 other books during her career.

One Minute Cure HomepageThe One Minute Cure has received a lot of feedback – both positive and negative – from readers since its publication. I stumbled upon the book when I was looking for references to hydrogen peroxide therapy and decided to take a closer look because of the information it promises to deliver.

What The One Minute Cure is All About

Hydrogen Peroxide therapy is no longer a secret in the medical community, but the fact that only a few people know about it will make you wonder why such a feasible treatment method is not taken more seriously than other “breakthrough” findings. While researching hydrogen peroxide therapy, I learned that the right amounts of oxygen can actually promote the self-healing properties in the body and allow it to have a disease-free environment where no virus or bacteria can thrive to wreak havoc and cause damage. This is the concept being promoted by the One Minute Cure, and as the name suggests, it talks about how one can use hydrogen peroxide to make the body resistant to any disease in as little as a minute a day. Aside from this, Madison claims that the treatment does cost as much as branded medications do – only costing users pennies and cents a day.

The book is divided in to six chapters, with each chapter discussing various diseases and how oxygen therapy can cure these as long as it is properly done. The One Minute Cure also features instructions on how readers can make their own hydrogen peroxide solution for personal treatment right in the comfort of their homes. The highlights of the book however focus on discussing the usage of H2O2 in many applications and treatment methods. These methods, along with some helpful insights, aim to help those who are suffering from almost any type of disease by offering them an alternative treatment that can be used in conjunction with other commercially-recognized medications and therapies.

What’s Inside The One Minute Cure

Chapters 1 and 2 of The One Minute Cure discuss how disease in people has become very profitable for large pharmaceutical corporations and the medical community at large and provides and introduction to Oxygen therapy as possibly the most effective cure for all types of ailments. According the book, large pharmaceutical companies have made billions of dollars in manufacturing drugs that aim to treat almost all types of diseases, but their researchers and medical experts have not been able to find ultimate cures for a large majority of these including cancer despite the money and effort that has been poured into various studies and tests. The second chapter chronicles how oxygen therapy may just be the cure that everyone has been looking for all this time, allowing people to be free of even the most dreaded diseases in human history.

One Minute Cure in E-Book FormatChapters 3 and 4 on the other hand delve deeper into the therapeutic use of hydrogen peroxide and the various applications it is being used for. In these chapters, readers can really learn more about using hydrogen peroxide to one’s advantage and in fact make a solution at home. The fourth chapter also talks about the ways by which hydrogen peroxide can be administered to the body, whether by inhalation, through the skin, or through intravenous injection.
As a child I often wondered why my folks used hydrogen peroxide to treat wounds and other infections instead of the usual creams, pills, and tablets that doctors prescribe when one falls ill. The One Minute Cure has helped me understand this concept better after all these years, and now I can certainly say that H2O2 treatment is highly feasible.

Chapters 5 and 6 of The One Minute Cure, meanwhile, discuss the presence of hydrogen peroxide in nature and how one can determine whether or not the body lacks the necessary oxygen needed to ward off disease on its own. The chapters also include information on why H2O2 therapy has not been publicly endorsed by pharmaceutical giants and how they stand to benefit by keeping the “secret” about hydrogen peroxide therapy away from people.

Insights after Reading The One Minute Cure

Although there are many books that offer somewhat similar views on the subject of H2O2 therapy and its benefits, I find The One Minute Cure to be very easy to read and digest, consisting of only 114 pages which are packed with information. Hydrogen peroxide treatment methods discussed in it were concise yet helpful, therefore allowing readers to totally understand what is being discussed and how they can use H2O2 therapy with ease.

Snapshot of a Page in the One Minute Cure E-BookHowever, I must say that although there is nothing wrong with trying to find alternative cures or treatments, there is that risk factor that everyone should be aware of. If you are considering hydrogen peroxide therapy, I suggest that you take it up with your doctor and see how, if applicable, it can affect your health in general. Also, it would be wise to remember that H2O2 therapy is not a cure per se, as Madison states in the book. Rather, it is a means to create an oxygenated environment in the body that will allow it to block any kind of disease it is threatened with.

Pricing and Recommendation

The One Minute Cure sells for $39.95 in e-book format, while those who are interested in a paperback copy can take advantage of the $59.95 price. If you’re the type of person who is interested in alternative cures and treatments that most people have not even heard about, this is a book that I can totally recommend based on the insights and the information provided by its author. There is also a 30-day money back guarantee which comes with each purchase, so readers are assured of a refund in case they find the information lacking or are not able to see the results of the therapy after trying it.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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