Understanding Vaccination Conspiracy Theories And Why They Are Not True

conspiracyWherever there is a development, a conspiracy theory is going to follow. With vaccinations, the conspiracy theories are numerous. It is understandable that these theories exist, not in the least because only very few of us understand the chemistry behind creating a vaccination. Besides this, everybody loves a good conspiracy theory. According to The Vaccination Conspiracy

While the medical viability of these vaccinations may not be an issue, the ethical usage of these vaccinations are. In other words, although the government may require all citizens to obtain vaccinations for medical reasons, there may be other purposes the government may have, particularly for tracking and experimental weapon purposes.

That sounds really scary and it makes us wonder whether we would be better off simply allowing ourselves and our children to be exposed to medical risks. Reports of the MMR vaccine causing autism are still rife, even though the doctor who first reported this has now admitted that his research was flawed and he has been struck of the register. There are reports of vaccines – such as the HPV vaccine – being completely ineffective because they are given too soon to matter, and other reports of vaccines being hidden pathogens to render women in sub-developed countries infertile. However, moving away from vaccinations would be like dismissing centuries of medical research, research that can actually save us. So what are we to do?

conspiracy2How to Deal with Conspiracy Theories

If we were to listen to every conspiracy theory that is out there, we would be living our lives in constant fear. The reality is that some people do live like that, but you don’t have to join them. One of the reasons that conspiracy theories are so numerous is because of the rise of the internet, as explained by Las Vegas City Life. They said that:

Particularly with the rise of the Internet, it’s possible to both generate conspiracy theories and proliferate them with extreme rapidity.

In other words: don’t believe everything you read on Facebook or Twitter!

Why Vaccinations Matter

Vaccinations and other types of health treatment, including pills, creams and lotions, are necessary for our survival. Before we had access to these, the average life expectancy was only around half of what it is now. Indeed, hygiene has a lot to do with that, but so have the breakthroughs in medical science. The Telegraph, those who believe in conspiracy theories are actually very dangerous:

Hundreds of children of children have died in Pakistan as a result of a measles outbreak. […] Many Pakistanis, especially in rural areas, view vaccination campaigns with suspicion as a western plot to sterilize Muslims. […] “Melanie’s Marvelous Measles”, written by some hippie-dippie Age of Aquarius type who thinks Natural Equals Good […] has added to this.

swinePreventing Epidemics

It is very important to understand the impact good vaccination programs have on the world. The Express Tribune reported that

The reason mass vaccinations are so important is that even one weak link in the chain can bring everyone down.

Of course, conspiracy theorists agree that we should keep our children healthy, but they also believe many of the disease we vaccinate against are actually quite benign, including measles (which has by now killed hundreds of children). Of course, all of the pros of vaccinations can be added up again and again, but the conspiracy theorist will always reply with “you are bound to say that”. Are vaccinations just a massive rouse of some sort of hidden elitist world government to track us or sterilize people in a return of the Eugenics movement? No, but once such an idea finds it seed, it is hard to move away from it.

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