Reviewing Visage InstaLift – Is Younger-Looking Skin Instantly Possible?

From Visage Dermatologic Laboratories comes Visage InstaLift – a product that promises to help women and men achieve instant younger-looking skin the natural way. InstaLift has gained a lot of followers in the market, with some being Hollywood celebrities and well-known professionals.

Visage Laboratories HomepageI decided to have a look at what Visage InstaLift had to offer to help readers determine whether or not the product is really worth it. At present, the skin serum can be bought from the official Visage website and from affiliates who have partnered with Visage Laboratories to bring InstaLift to the public.

How InstaLift Works

Visage InstaLift promises to provide a Botox-like effect to the skin without the pain and risk associated with a Botox procedure. The product claims to have several excellent effects on the skin, with three of them being considered as breakthroughs by the company in the world of cosmetics and beauty products.

First and foremost, Visage’s InstaLift is advertised to help clear creases and expression lines. As a person ages, creases, laugh lines, frown lines, and the like become a part of a person’s appearance. In most cases however, these creases and lines make a person look older than what he or she really is, and this is one of the things that InstaLift promises to address.

BreakthroughsInstaLift  for Wrinkle-Free Skin

Aside from this, the product also claims to fill in wrinkles from the inside and outside so as to generate that instant facelift. Other products in the market only work from the outside and are considered as wrinkle fillers without any lasting effects. Similar to concealers, these products only serve to cover up wrinkles for a limited time – a few hours at the most – and do not actually fill in the gaps in the skin from the inside.

15ml Bottle of InstaLiftLastly, Visage InstaLift promises to make the skin look radiant and luminous by instantly diffusing and reflecting light, thereby producing that ‘glowing’ appearance that most women and many men want to have. This breakthrough also allows for skin regeneration, helping the skin regain its elasticity and firmness with continued use.
Now, I personally am no fan of anti-aging creams and skin serums, and to tell you the truth I was skeptical about trying Visage InstaLift from the get go. However, I have read quite a lot of feedback from users and have seen its effects on some of my friends, and the fact that there are currently limited reviews that can help consumers make an informed decision really got me considering the product. With that, I decided to purchase a month’s supply which equates to a 15ml bottle of the skin serum.

The Ingredients in InstaLift

Ceramides are, in a nutshell, lipids in the skin that capture moisture and lock it in to retain the skin’s firmness and elasticity, thereby resulting in young-looking skin. These ceramides are found in Visage InstaLift, thus the anti-aging factor included in the product. Ceramides in the skin are lost through the years as a person ages, and this results in dry and wrinkle-prone skin that elderly people usually suffer from. By using InstaLift, the number of ceramides in one’s skin is replenished, bringing the skin back to its original state with continuous use.

InstaLift Supplies and Prices

Another ingredient that Visage Laboratories has included in this popular skin serum is Argireline. Officially known as Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, Argireline, this cosmetics ingredient is used to duplicate the effects of Botox on the muscles, albeit in a more subtle yet effective manner. Argireline is commonly used to target lines and creases particularly in the forehead and eye areas, filling in the gaps in the skin that cause wrinkles and lines to form.

GABA, on the other hand, works in such a way that muscle movement becomes limited when it is applied topically in areas of the skin. It inhibits the neurotransmitters in the skin and muscles from sending movement signals to the brain while at the same time helps in the production of collagen that can help fill in wrinkle lines and creases. Known as Gamma-AminoButyric Acid, GABA has been proven quite beneficial in many other conditions such as ADHD, fat burning, anxiety reduction, and a lot more.

My Verdict of InstaLift

I’ve been using InstaLift for three weeks now, and I must say that the effects are indeed noticeable. Laugh lines along the side of my mouth have decreased, as well as the small lines on my forehead. My face is actually more radiant as well, and I’ve begun to feel the elasticity returning. The only setback I experience when using the product is that I have to make sure that my skin is cleansed, toned, and moisturized before applying to get the maximum effect. If this is part of your daily routine then it shouldn’t be an issue at all.

90-Day, Double Money Back Guarantee

At present, a month’s supply of InstaLift goes for $49.95, while the 2-month and 3-month supplies cost $89.90 and $129.95 respectively. A 2-month supply will contain 2 15ml bottles and the 3-month supply will contain 3. If you’re also skeptical about the product then I suggest you try one bottle at first and decide from there. When you’ve tried it and are satisfied, you can just as easily order another bottle for a month’s use or just go for the multi-bottle package. Visage also offers a 90-day, no questions asked, double your money back guarantee on InstaLift, so there’s no reason why one shouldn’t try it.

All in all, I recommend Visage InstaLift to those who want to regain youthful-looking skin from the inside out. As with any other beauty product though, it would be best if you consult with a dermatologist or your doctor before taking advantage of this popular skin serum. It pays to have medical advice handy if you’re trying out a product for the first time, and InstaLift is no exception. If you’re career or profession requires you to look and feel your best at all times or even if you just want to feel good about yourself without worrying about age lines, I suggest that you try this product. The double-your-money-back guarantee has you covered anyway, making the deal even sweeter.

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