Weight Loss That Works (Hidden Knowledge) Part 1 of 3

Thank you for taking the time to read this incredible series on weight loss.

After reading it, I suspect that you will have the same reaction as most people and that is, ‘Holy COW, this is better than any information I’ve BOUGHT in the past!’

And yes, that’s true… The Professor (the creator of this system) is one of the smartest in the field of weight loss and he’s not afraid to share his knowledge. His true identity has to remain hidden for reasons beyond the scope of explanation in this article.

Needless to say, he’s going out on a limb to bring you this info…

Editors Note – The Professor is an ex-hippy with an extraordinarily high IQ. With that being said, his writing style isn’t like the rest of us… so keep that in mind when reading this and if needed, read it a second time to grasp his more complex concepts.

Weight Loss SecretsIntroduction

You’re the right place if you feel like CRAP all the time.

CRAP – continually reduced attitude & performance.

First CRAP buster – Boosting Your Energy, Mood And Attitude

Feeling good is your secret weapon. This simple weight loss system will make you feel good, so change just happens, smooth and easy.

You’ll success formula will be:

  • Consider weight loss key concept(s).
  • Run an experiment to boost your energy, mood and attitude.
  • Apply the boost you get to your next experiment.
  • As your energy, mood and attitude boosts… layer on top of each other, your weight loss will happen as a side effect.

Feeling good is your best activity to make your change fast, fun & forever.

Key #1: Simple Versus Easy

Easy is when you jump in your car and start your day. When you’re hungry or thirsty you eat & drink whatever you find along your way.

Simple is when you keep a everything you need in the fridge. When you leave your house you pack your super foods, a bottle of water and Super Food Snacks.

Simple happens by design. Easy… just happens.

Easy is a recipe for disaster.

Simple is a recipe for big time success – fast, easy weight loss, slim beautiful you, at your perfect weight, living at continuous peak energy, mood and attitude, all day, every day.

Add it inKey #2: The old you leave out is more important than the new you add in.

Weight loss is usually approached by adding.

Add in eating healthy food. Add in exercise. Add… Add… Add…

This is a no win situation. If you feel like CRAP (continually reducing attitude and performance) doing anything extra can be tough.

“Leaving Out” is like running a race. You’d never run a race with weights strapped around your ankles.

Most people’s weight loss fails because they’re running with weights around their ankles.

What are these weights? Any non-nutrient or anti-nutrient you eat, drink or breath that sucks away your energy and health, so you stay fat, sick and nearly dead.

Experiment Set: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead Busting

Going from fat, sick and nearly dead to weight loss, perfect weight and living at continuous peak energy, mood and attitude is a journey.

No magic bullets, just simple experiments and incremental upgrades.

Along your journey you’ll have activities to do, which produce a known outcome.

You’ll also have experiments producing outcome based on your unique situation.

  • Experiment #1: Pick up a blank book somewhere and start a Food Journal. Simply note what you eat and drink during your day. Zero judgment allowed! You’ll use this in the “Craving Decoding Experiment”. We’ll also use this to find any non-nutrients and anti-nutrients sucking life out of you.
  • Experiment #2: As you’re journaling, notice where you’re automatic – taking the easy path of habit, rather than the simple path of designed outcome. Every few days, upgrade some habit from easy to simple. Start by just noticing what you do. Then play with options, like the example above of taking a bottle of water with you when you leave your house.

Key #3: Grooving and Proving

Grooving is when water follows natural channels in the earth. A record needle follows vinyl tracks. When you move to the beat of your favorite tunes.

Grooving is going with natural flow.

Remember Key #1: Simple Versus Easy and Grooving takes this one step farther.

Grooving By Critical Thinking

A big part of weight loss is separating myth from fact.

Problem with most myths is they’re based on half truths.

One class of myths are the “bad for you myths” – Salt is bad for you. Every few days “Salt” changes to sugar, fat, Agave Nectar, Chocolate.

Another class of myths are the “good for you myths” – Vitamins are good for you. Every few days Vitamins change to some other drug by way of advertising, talk shows and news stories generated by Public Relation, Spin Doctors (story tellers).

Dr. Oz “It’s good for you myth” example…

Consider Dr. Oz taking a flu vaccine on national television. He failed to mention if the vaccine company gave him any incentive for this, like stock options, cash payments, etc.

Salt “It’s bad for you myth” example

Consider the Salt. The physical part of your body is primarily made up of minerals salts. When you pass all that’s left, after water evaporates, is salt.

If you’re primarily Salt… how can Salt be bad for you?

Here’s where half truths come into play.

If you pack a piece of fruit in salt crystals, water will be sucked out of the fruit, collapsing it’s fluid passages and dramatically reducing it’s nutrient content.

Put a tiny bit of salt in water and put on fruit and the added mineral salts bring out natural flavors, by adding in missing minerals that are missing due to mass farming.

So the difference is salt quality and quantity and amount of salt in relation to water in a given situation.

Grooving By Experiment

Grooving starts with critical thinking. Listen and read. Then test and keep what works for you.

Listen to other people who started where you are and have your desired outcome now. And who are able and willing to share how they did… what they did…

Read people’s stories.

Then design and run your experiments. Follow your intuition to adjust your experiments as they’re running. Your unique adjustments will give you all you require to know about what works for you.

Ignore what “experts” tell you – good or bad, because you never know their true motives. Only believe what you prove to yourself through your own direct experience.

Weight Loss is a Side Effect of Health Grooving

Remember, Grooving is following natural flow.

Attempting weight loss by massive change usually fails.

If you’ve been eating process foods, cooked foods, meat and dairy your entire life changing to a vegan raw food diet will usually fail.

If you’re a professional couch potato changing to exercise every day will usually fail.

You get the idea.

Grooving is different. Grooving is about altering existing habits over time. Making slight upgrades, which layer on each other, so you have additional energy to both maintain your past experiments and do new ones.

Activity/Experiment Set: Weight Loss as a Grooving Side Effect

Experiment #1: In your Food Journal add a small notation about the primary component of what you eat and drink, meal and snack. Notice whether the primary “note in the food’s chord” is salty, sweet, fat, heating, cooling, drying, etc. Start looking for patterns. Do you start your day with salty or sweet? Do your lunches tend toward fats or proteins? You get the idea.

  • Activity #1: Start a list of reasons why elementary schools have soda and candy machines in the hall and serve near zero nutrient food in their cafeterias. If you grew up in this environment, consider how this effects what you eat today.

Pink SaltExperiment #2: Study about Salt. Consider the problems with “health salts”. See if you can find anything about petroleum in “Grey Salt” and nickel dust in Himalayan Pink Salt.

  • Experiment #3: Notice the amount of salt in foods you eat every day. Try upgrading the salt in your salt shakers at home and see how this reduces your salt intake.

What’s Next?

We started “Craving Decoding” in this article by considering the primary “notes in food chords”.

In our next article, we’ll begin considering secondary notes in food chords. Primary notes are macro-nutrients – Salt, Sugar, Fat. Secondary notes are micro-nutrients – pigments, anti-oxidants, enzymes, co-factors and extra-nutrient components like heating, cooling, drying.

Fast, easy weight loss, slim beautiful you, at your perfect weight, living at continuous peak energy, mood and attitude, all day, every day is smooth and easy once you master “Craving Decoding”.

Till next time!

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