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Weight Loss That Works (Hidden Knowledge) Part 2 of 3

Diets Fail When You’re Always Hungry Key #4: You know how well you’re nourished by the number of hours you forget to eat. If you’re always hungry, what you’re eating isn’t food for you right now. Might be food for someone else. Might be food for you another time, under a different set of circumstances. […]

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Weight Loss That Works (Hidden Knowledge) Part 1 of 3

Thank you for taking the time to read this incredible series on weight loss. After reading it, I suspect that you will have the same reaction as most people and that is, ‘Holy COW, this is better than any information I’ve BOUGHT in the past!’ And yes, that’s true… The Professor (the creator of this […]

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Health and Fitness the Right Way: A BioTrust Low Carb Review

I know my protein supplements and I have been disappointed time and time again by supposedly “healthy” and “delicious” products which were almost always loaded with artificial sweeteners and artificial flavorings. After several bad experiences with these supposedly healthy protein shakes, I have been very careful to check out labels. I came across Low Carb […]

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